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Crime and Punishment

Here is a suggestion:

Anyone caught committing any crime must fully compensate the victim.


One way to achieve this is through some kind of work camps.  Instead of the traditional prison system one could take over some of the disused factories, make them secure, and put the convicted persons to work making, for example, cheap injection-molded parts for toys or other items. Or they could sew clothing together, paint stuff, weld stuff, all on a sub-contract basis. 


The equivalent of the national minimum wage for the hours worked or the proceeds of any sales would go into an account for the prisoner where it accumulates until it reaches a court-determined amount that is then used to repay the victim for his losses from the crime.


The prisoner would finish the sentence not only having compensated his victim but also having acquired a skill of use in the job market.


If there was no victim

For example, possession of drugs, the money earned could go toward organizations that assist people with a related issue, for example, rehab centers.


Are these work camps?

Why yes! What else would you call them? Is it slavery?  Certainly not. This is a voluntary program.


Look, people choose to commit a crime. This is a result of their choice. Furthermore, they could choose what skills to learn, how to pay back their victims.

Perhaps it could be on a voluntary basis. The inmate could, perhaps, choose to have a regular prison sentence of, three times what it would be today.

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