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Faster Than Light Travel


Yes, yes, I know, twentieth century mathematics says it cannot be done. But if it could...


...we'd need three major technologies:


  1. Instant communication - not limited to the speed of light as is radio and other electromagetic means.

  2. A barrier to protect the space travelling vehicle and its occupants from space debris, interstellar particles, enemy fire et al.

  3. And of course, the drive itself.

Number 1: Instant communication


Already space efforts are hampered by the speed of radio waves, even on a short jog over to Mars.  Think how neat it would be to be able to drive a Mars rover or a comet lander in real time from Earth. Or control a fly-by of some distant object to reveal some interest things. 


Super-computers are also limited by the time it takes an electron to wriggle through its innards.


Maybe the answer lies in quantum mechanics.  Maybe there is a breakthrough yet to happen.


Think about this.  Supposing such a device can be made.  Chances are good that  such a gadget would not be limited by distance. One could communicate between two places anywhere it the galaxy or even the universe.  Chances are also good that if advanced lifeforms exist elsewhere they could very well have already invented such a device. With it one could listen in to these folks, study their technologies, learn from there social and political experiences and even learn their language.


Maybe the answers to technologies 2. and 3. are there for the taking.


The Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence.

Although these days they seem to be looking for earth-type planets.


By focussing on Number 1 above the answer to their question will become redily apparent.

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