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This picture is from 2006

Left to right: Kelly Dragonfly fretless - sold

Meisel upright - replaced by Upton bass,

Steinberger headless - Phil's bass,


Manuel de la Chica Spanish - replaced by Godin Seagull,

Michael Kelly fretted bass - returned to Musician's Friend,

Samick five string - replaced by Godin Freeway V, replaced into by the Kohlman BassWorks five string.

I still have the Hartke bass cabinets!

The Fender bass amp replaced by an Acoustic Image Coda 4

The Fender guitar amp was replaced by a Vox 15R. 

I still have the same shirt and shorts.

Upton Bass Standard 3/4

Purchased in January 2010


A beautiful 3/4 size double bass fron Upton in Connecticut.  Shod with  Evah Pirazzi strings.

Here is my newest baby. It is a Kohlman BassWorks Marlo 5 string.

Purchased April 2015.

UBass bass Ukulele

Purchased December 2012


I saw, I heard, I played one in Pauley Island and just had to get one.

Fender Stratocaster 50's Retro

Purchased November 2004


Bought this at Chauncey's in Elizabeth City, NC.

Godin Seagull

Purchased April 2009


Bought this at Albemarle Music in Elizabeth City, NC.

Egyptian Oud

Received February 2011


Dotty brought this back from her trip to Egypt (where she fomented a revolution). 

It has eleven strings - five courses of two each and a single bass string.

San Xian

Received June 2008


Dotty brought this back from her trip to Peru (where she fomented a revolution).


Received May 2013


Dotty brought this back from her trip to Russia (where she fomented a revolution).

Mele Soprano Ukulele

Received March 2011


Dotty brought this back from her trip to Hawai (where she experienced a tsunami).

Yamaha 66 key Keyboard

Purchased September 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

Acquired over the ages


I have had the recorder for decades.

Dotty brought the pan pipes back from her trip to Peru. (Where she managed not to foment a revolution.)


The Harmonica I have had for ages, too.

And the latest toy - a Ned Steingerger electric upright bass and Acoustic Image 300 watt bass amp. Purchased January 2014.

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